How MailOnline Readers Are Reacting to Meghan and Harry's 'Oprah' Interview

Ready as always to simp for the Queen.

This morning on the Daily Mail homepage – stealing the limelight away from a story about Lottie Moss wearing a bikini – are 44 headlines about the Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Harry that aired in the US on Sunday.

Although the interview airs in the UK tonight on ITV, most people in Britain have spent the morning piecing together what happened by either watching Piers Morgan foam at the mouth on Good Morning Britain, hashtags like #AbolishtheMonarchy or through the Mail's imaginative headlines. This does, of course, mean that the country’s leading Royal correspondents – MailOnline commenters – have had a chance to weigh in on the revelations.


For those who have managed to avoid any coverage at all, a little TL;DR of the most important bits that came to light:

  • Meghan didn’t know what royal life would be like.
  • The couple married three days before their official public ceremony.

  • An unnamed member of the Royal family expressed “concerns” over “how dark” their son Archie would be.
  • Allegations about Meghan making her sister-in-law Kate cry were untrue and that “the reverse happened” – Kate made Meghan cry.
  • Meghan was suicidal because of the situation.
  • Harry’s been financially cut off by the Royal family and they are sustaining themselves with money from Netflix and Spotify deals as well as an inheritance left by his mother, Diana.

Naturally, Mail commenters are ready as always to simp for the Queen, so we've collected some of their very fun and rational comments below:

These are just two out of a bunch of comments alluding to mental illness. I, for one, would also use my psychology degree to diagnose a couple whom I’ve heard speak only a handful of times in the comments section of the Mail.

Prince Philip has logged on, lads.

An obvious troll. But did I go back to look at his shoes? I couldn’t possibly say.

This could be related to Archie not actually being a Prince or just a parent deeply disappointed with how their kid turned out.

A comment on the very same interview in which Meghan describes Kate as a “good person”.

Thank you for addressing him by his full name: “Afghan veteran Harry”.

Maybe the most balanced take in the comments section? We thank you, T221.

Ah yes, the daily occurrence of falling out with the Queen of England and going on Oprah to talk about it.



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