Daily Horoscope: February 11, 2021

There's a new moon in Aquarius today.

Feb 10 2021, 10:16pm

The moon in Aquarius meets Mercury retrograde at 2:22 AM, asking us to pause and reflect on our feelings instead of jumping to conclusions as the Moon clashes with confrontational Mars at 4:55 AM. Venus meets Jupiter at 10:00 AM, inspiring generosity and joy! The new moon in Aquarius arrives at 2:06 PM, encouraging us to make big wishes for the future! It’s a wonderful time to experiment. A new journey begins!

All times ET.


The new moon in Aquarius finds you making wishes and embarking on a new journey in your social life; you’re connecting with wonderful people as Venus meets Jupiter!


A new cycle begins in your career thanks to the new moon in Aquarius! Your ruling planet Venus meets lucky Jupiter, which bodes well for your reputation. Some reward or recognition may come your way.


Today’s new moon in fellow air sign Aquarius brings exciting new opportunities your way, possibly regarding travel, education, or publishing. Venus meets Jupiter, making this an especially beneficial time to connect with the world!


Today’s new moon in cool Aquarius is all about wiping the slate clean. It’s a great time to accept or offer an apology, or to pay off a debt. Venus meets Jupiter, inspiring generosity.


A fresh start in your relationships arrives, thanks to the new moon in Aquarius! The mood is loving and free-spirited as sweet Venus meets jovial Jupiter.


Your schedule has been so hectic lately, and some relief may finally come with today’s new moon in Aquarius, plus a lovely connection between flirty Venus and jovial Jupiter! A new gig may come your way, or a healthy habit might be developed.


There’s a new moon in fellow air sign Aquarius today, activating the romance and creativity sector of your chart, plus your ruling planet Venus meets the planet of good luck, Jupiter! Enjoy yourself, Libra: Make art! Text your crush! Have fun!


Today’s new moon in Aquarius marks a fresh start concerning your home and family life. You’re expanding and beautifying your space as lovely Venus meets jovial Jupiter!


Today’s new moon in Aquarius activates the communication sector of your chart, marking the start of a new conversation or a new way to think about things. Venus meets your ruling planet Jupiter, inspiring a sweet, generous, and open-minded atmosphere.


Today’s new moon in Aquarius is an exciting one for your finances, especially as the planet of money and valuables, Venus, meets the planet of expansion, Jupiter!


There’s a new moon in your sign, Aquarius, and you’re feeling attractive and open-hearted as sweet Venus meets gregarious Jupiter! It’s a wonderful time to reintroduce yourself to the world.


Today’s new moon in Aquarius finds you reconnecting with your inner voice! It’s a lovely time for rest and meditation. Venus meets your ruling planet Jupiter, inspiring an open-hearted atmosphere!

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