Take a Look Inside the Russian Oligarch’s Mansion Occupied by Squatters

Video footage shot from inside the mansion linked to Oleg Deripaska shows a cinema room, expensive artworks and a grand piano worth over £80,000.

Video has emerged from inside an oligarch-owned Belgravia mansion that was taken over by squatters protesting the Ukraine war, showing the grandiose opulence of its interior.

On Monday, squatters entered 5 Belgrave Square, a sprawling townhouse linked to Oleg Deripaska, one of the seven Russian Oligarchs who has been sanctioned by the British government for their close ties to the Kremlin.

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A spokesperson for Deripaska has said that the mansion in fact belongs to his family members and not him. A 2007 High Court judgement said that the property is “beneficially owned” by the energy and metals tycoon.

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Four people were arrested after a day-long off with police that saw officers drill through the front door and climb onto the balcony of the mansion with a cherry-picker.

Left: Artwork on the wall of the mansion. Right: A hallway with a marble bust in it

The video starts in the study, showing what appears to be a Gino Serevini-style painting.

It then takes us through to a large hallway where there is a marble bust.

Left: A sculpture on a plinth to the left of the picture. Right: A grand living room with a chandelier

In the next room there is a sculpture that looks like the work of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

The video then shows a large living room, with globes and two chandeliers.

A grand piano

The room also contains a grand piano - apparently a Bösendorfer worth over £80,000.

Left: Religious artwork on the wall. Right: A Linley dining table worth £50,000

On the ground floor below there is a dining table that appears to be a Linley, and worth £50,000. On a wall we can see some religious artworks.

Left: A projector screen. Right: Artwork on the wall.

The video enters the next room which appears to be a cinema room, with a large projector screen on the wall. The wall also has a painting which could be a painting of Cossacks by Russian painter Franz Roubaud.

According to the UK government’s sanctions list, Deripaska has a multi-million pound property portfolio in the UK and his net worth is estimated at £2 billion.

The UK government sanctions list describes him as a “prominent Russian businessman and pro-Kremlin oligarch” who is “closely associated with the government of Russia and Vladimir Putin.”

Deripaska has hinted that he will challenge the sanctions in court, tweeting: “Since there's not a single fact in support of Boris' cabinet's fantasies it will be for the courts and the police to decide the future for all in this sanctions story.”

Deripaska has been described as Putin’s “favourite” oligarch. He has close ties to the British establishment and once hosted former British Chancellor George Osborne and Peter Mandelson, spin doctor for Tony Blair, on his yacht in Corfu.


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