Bukayo Saka: The Fast and the Fearless

“The one word I’d use to describe our generation? ‘Fearless’.”

05 October 2021, 9:55am

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The tables are turning. Where once veterans ruled the roost in the sporting arena, today, a new generation of pros in their teens and early twenties are showing that fearlessness is the fastest route to the top.

Bukayo Saka knows this better than most. The turbo-charged young winger has blazed a trail to the pinnacle of the game, rapidly becoming Arsenal’s star player and an indispensable figure for England’s Three Lions. With his irrepressible spirit and effervescent playing style, Saka has swiftly become a guy loved not just by fans in London – but an entire nation.

And, just like the rest of his generation, he’s only getting started.

”I believe the mentality of this generation is that if they wanna do something, they’re gonna do it – and nothing’s gonna stop them.”

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