NYC Mayor Eric Adams Loves to Party

Oddly, wealthy investors keep turning up when he and the famous have a good time.

Two days ago, New York Mayor Eric Adams was spotted at a party vibing with model Cara Delevingne, A$AP Rocky, and Floyd Mayweather. He seems to really love doing this.

Ever since Adams took office, it’s been hard not to notice how much the guy loves to party. His victory party last November was itself a star-studded, VIP affair. It was attended not only by Ja Rule and Forest Whitaker but also by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

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Since taking office, he’s continued to show up in places that celebrities will be to have his picture taken. The man made appearances at multiple Fashion Week shows this February, sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at Michael Kors’ runway show.

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A recent profile of Adams in Politico notes that he is fond of a members-only club called Zero Bond in Manhattan, where members include the likes of Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian, and billionaire e-commerce magnate Michael Rubin. He was seen there multiple times during his mayoral campaign.

“When you’re in there, everybody’s in there,” he told Politico, noting that he once saw Kate Hudson at the club.


Recently the mayor’s love of making public appearances with celebrities seems to have gone into overdrive. In early March, he took the stage during a show at jazz club Blue Note to celebrate the end of the mask mandate.

This week, he was at the first Ralph Lauren show since 2019, which he also attended with Anna Wintour, saying “New York is back!”

An error occurred while retrieving the Tweet. It might have been deleted.

Then, he attended the opening for Sarah Jessica Parker’s revival of the play Plaza Suite on Broadway.

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But after checking out the step and repeat, Mayor Adams did not actually attend the play. He ditched to go to the aforementioned party for Bilt, a startup that offers rewards for paying rent with a credit card. As well as Delevigne and Mayweather, Mayor Adams was also photographed with Ankur Jain, an investor whose fund has backed startups like Bilt and also Rhino, which is apparently disrupting the security-deposit space.

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That same day, the city also cleared out an encampment of homeless people living under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

“The mayor says the crime rate is going up. Let’s target the homeless again, like they usually do. They always target the homeless. The homeless, the homeless,” one of the people living there told Gothamist. “Every day the homeless, the homeless, the homeless and instead of helping us, they kick us while we’re already down.”

Adams certainly seems to be enjoying his mayoralty, and all the celebrity company it provides. It’s the most curious thing that powerful investors promising technological solutions to all the problems of life in the big city—perhaps the people who were living under the BQE simply need to sign up with Rhino so they can get apartments!—seem so often to be on the edges of the scene. All of it puts his recent decision to lift the vaccine mandate for certain celebrities in a little more context. Who else would he be rubbing shoulders with at Zero Bond? The riff-raff?



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