The Coolest New Stuff That Dropped This Week, From Ranch Crocs to A$AP Vans

We're drooling over a clam-pasta-themed cabana set, snatching up A$AP's collab with Vans, and staying glued to 'American Crime Story.'

Sep 17 2021, 4:39pm

Can you smell what the deciduous trees are cookin'? Autumn is coming, baby, and we're happy, horny, and getting ready to hibernate. Well, not quite yet. 

First, we have to enjoy every single good-weather day of freshly vaxxed life before it gets actually cold—and that means flexing all of our body-baring 'fits while we still can, whether that's our choice new sneaks or our perfect-fit denim jacket. What we're trying to say is that we're not done looking good, man. We had a year and a half of sweatpants time, and we're not ready to give up Being Hot again until it's 28 degrees and we have no choice but to throw in the towel and put on our stupid puffer jacket. And that's still months away! 

So yes, we will be trying to win a chance to buy the Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs; yes, we will be scooping up Vans with Guy Fieri energy, courtesy of PacSun's new creative honcho, A$AP; and yes, we we will still be letting our underwear show through the giant armpit holes of our shirts, because we have not yet recovered from how unsexy all of 2020 was. But we'll also be prepping for fall vibes by getting Brooklinen's cashmere sheets and committing to some superb streaming content; in this case, American Crime Story's new season. Read on for the absolute best new stuff that dropped this week, from clothing collabs to unique home furnishings (yes, we're looking at you, lamp made out of real bread). 

A$AP Worldwide's big-time collab with Vans

When we first caught wind that A$AP Rocky was taking on a role as PacSun's guest artistic director, we couldn't wait to see (and buy) what he came up with. For this spankin' new collab with Vans, we've got a grip of Old Skools, slip-ons, and mules that are literally fire. Snatch 'em up before they're gone (which will surely be very, very soon). 

Vans x A$AP Worldwide Silver Reflective Old Skool Shoes

$130 at PacSun
Vans x A$AP Worldwide Classic Slip-On Shoes

$80 at PacSun
Vans x A$AP Worldwide Classic Slip-On Mule Shoes

$75 at PacSun

The cabana set of our carb-loving, seafood-craving dreams

We're huge fans of Tombolo, makers of some of the most unique all-gender leisurewear we've ever seen. Summer may be winding down, but we want to wear this wildly appetizing terry cloth spaghetti-'n'-clams cabana set for many vacations to come. We can practically smell the garlic. [Sigh.]

'Vongole!' Cabana Shirt

$128 at Tombolo
'Vongole!' Cabana Shorts

$108 at Tombolo

Watching Beanie Feldstein nail it as Monica Lewinsky

The third season of American Crime Story is finally here, and good lord, we've been waiting so patiently. We were riveted by the first season about the O.J. Simpson trial, kept up at night by The Asssassination of Gianni Versace, and now, we're watching Impeachment, the series' outstanding cast and incredible team of writers take on the affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, as well as Lewinsky's complicated friendship with Linda Tripp and the political machinery that surrounded Clinton's presidency and the attempt to remove him from office.

It's showing live on FX every Tuesday but won't hit Netflix until 2022, which is annoying, because who watches live TV anymore, or pays for standard cable? But good news—you can buy the full season on Amazon Prime now and watch every new episode as it drops. We're only two episodes in as of this week, so it will be easy to catch up. 

The full season of American Crime Story: Impeachment is available for purchase on Amazon Prime for $14.99. 

Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs…. Yes, you heard that right

Crocs has done some pretty insane collabs over the years—need we mention the Crocs x KFC shoe that drove us wild, or the Diplo Crocs that had mushrooms growing out of them? This time, however, they've really done it, by teaming up for this deranged but surprisingly aesthetically pleasing shoe in tandem with Hidden Valley Ranch. The beige with the green flecks is just ~*~chef's kiss~*~, bro. Anyway, they're super limited edition, so you'll have to enter a drawing to have a chance to grab them. 

Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs

$69.99 at Crocs

The fall flannel that says “I know how to start a campfire, or fix a road bike tire”

When we hear the term "blanket shirt," we're like, "where can we sign up?" Because you know what we love? Blankets, man. Sustainable apparel brand Outerknown has released its signature Blanket Shirt in a whopping 33 different styles for men, including checks, stripes, and plaids, plus a women's version, too—since layering and keeping warm should be options for everyone.  

The Blanket Shirt

$148 at Outerknown
The Women's Blanket Shirt

$148 at Outerknown

Because your body is a precious jewel

We're big fans of Cuup, the nouveau lingerie brand that makes colorful, comfy bras and underwear that deserve to be seen—and are available in sizes up to an H cup and ultra-flattering cuts. They're frequently dropping new seasonal color collections and this time, they've got rich shades of jade and emerald that make us feel like we're in a decadent hookah den in the best way possible. 

The Balconette in Emerald

$68 at Cuup
The Bikini in Jade

$18 at Cuup

A lamp we wish to eat

As if we need another reason to drool, literally and figuratively, over all the cool foodstuffs and kitchen gear over at Food52, now they have to drop a new lamp made out of real Japanese milk bread. It's aesthetic. It's delicious. It's got a long-lasting LED light bulb and  a special antibacterial coating so it won't turn into a mold-covered nightmare, and it's an absolute must for our kitchen wall. 

Handcrafted Japanese Milk Bread Lamp

$120 at Food52

The coziest sheets imaginable for cooler weather

Brooklinen, purveyor of insanely soft cult-fave, is stepping up its game by releasing two limited edition colors for its crazy-cozy heathered cashmere sheets. "These colors will perfectly compliment the fall foliage outside, allowing you to appreciate the colors of fall from the comfort of your room,” writes the brand. Honestly, we're ready for a nap just looking at these.

Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set

$279.00$251.10 at Brooklinen

The coolest-looking rain boots we've seen in forever

Rain boots: practical, but usually not a flex by any stretch of the imagination. If you wanna grab functional rain gear for under $100, of course you can—but these new Bottega Veneta men's rubber ankle boots look fly as hell while keeping your feet dry. Pre-orders are open for all five perfect shades, including Sea Salt and Travertine. 

Bottega Veneta
Stride Boots

$650 at Bottega Veneta

We hate ourselves for wanting Yeezy's ugly ass shoes

As if it isn't bad enough that we want the ranch dressing Crocs, now Kanye has to go and drop these drab beige foam runners that look like someone tried to sculpt a wasp's nest out of Silly Putty, and we know they're hideous, but we are also counting down the moment until they're dropped because they are, in fact, objets d'art in their own right. Available tomorrow, September 18. 

Adidas x Yeezy

$80 at Adidas

Scoop up these freshly hatched chickadees and put ‘em in your basket, and we'll see ya next week. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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