The Best Sex Toys and Treats for a Navel Sexual Fetish

Treat the navel gazer in your life to these body gems, ticklers, feather dusters, and other belly button fetish sex toys.

Think of your navel as your third nipple. It’s one of our body’s most intimate nubs, and a little navel play can bring on the kind of spine tingling, horny ASMR sensations that feel so amazing during foreplay and sex. 

For one, your navel and your genitals have a lot in common; the former contains the same kind of tissue as your genitals, explains Arman Khan in a VICE article about beginner’s navel play. Studies have also found that the “umbilical skin of females has abundant sensory innervation similar to that of the glans penis,” which means that, as an erogenous zone, the belly button contains various nerve endings that can make you very aroused when stimulated. 

“The navel play fetish is also known as alvinophilia, and falls under partialism,” Khan continues, “[which is] any fetish where the focus is on a particular part of the partner’s body, like a foot fetish.” [The Vajankle enters the chat.] You’re already well-equipped to stimulate your partner’s belly button with your hands, mouth, and dirty talk—but there are a few tangible tricks for making someone with a belly button fetish—whether that’s you or your partner—very happy. 

Ticklers, pinwheels, body gems, and chains; chocolate sauce, E-stim pads, and scorpion navel piercings. There are so many accessories and sex toys that are just dying to shower the belly button(s) in your life with all the love and attention they deserve. Whether you’re just dipping a toe into the fetish or looking to level-up your long-standing displays of affection for outties, here are our favorite sex toys and trinkets for making someone with a navel fetish really happy (and horny). 

Get ready to be hands-on

Squirting on some Reddi-Wip? Body chocolate? Then make sure your hands, fingernails, and any belly button targets are clean and ready to be licked. I’ve been using these Promescent cleansing wipes for my own body and sex toys for years because they’re enriched with skin-soothing aloe vera and don’t have an overpowering scent. 

Personal Cleansing Hygienic Wet Wipes with Aloe

$15.95 at Amazon

… And as far as edible body paints/chocolates go, we’re stoked to see this highly rated Ghirardelli trio step up to the plate that is our navel. It has a 4.7-star average rating on Amazon from over 700 reviews, and comes in a lube bottle-esque container for easy squirting. *Wink, wink.* 

Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Caramel Sauce Trio

$24.99 at Amazon

Bring the attention to the belly

New to navel play? Belly chains are one of the easiest ways to soft-launch belly button foreplay in your relationship, because they will quite simply be there, on you, looking sparkly and sexy as your partner makes their way from your mouth to your lips. 

Gold Body Chain

$8.66 at Amazon
Crystal Waist Chain

$11 at Amazon

You can also channel your best Britney Spears VMA snake-self with body jewels. This iridescent batch from Lovehoney would look great with a pair of silver cowboy boots and your strawberry vape. 

Leg Avenue
Iridescent Self-Adhesive Body Jewel Sticker

$9.99 at Lovehoney

Want to feel more like a 2022 incarnation of 90s Shannyn Sossamon? Opt for a belly button piercing such as this scorpion, whose erect tail will be so fun for your Hinge date to play with, he won’t even be mad when he realizes you stole his wallet. 

Pierce Me
Scorpion Navel Ring

$6.99 at Amazon


It’s the oldest trick in the book for a reason. Using feathers during foreplay not only feels very horny-at-Versailles, this set’s ticklers also come with little spanking crops on the other end. “Having two enabled me and my partner to deliver and receive pleasure from this toy simultaneously,” one Amazon reviewer writes, “Talk about a cool experience. AND they BOTH had crops at the end of them?! What an awesome deal.”

Ostrich Feather Tickler Crop Set

$16.95 at Amazon

Unbound Babes has proven to be really good at recalibrating all the classic vibrators and BDSM gear that we love by giving them more contemporary, accessible designs in the brand’s signature playful aesthetic. “Tsk” is a double-ended toy designed for spanking and tickling, and it’s earned a 4.8-star average rating on the site, where peeps are saying it’s versatile, and that the “silicone tassels are easy to clean.” Perfect for the navel lover who wants to flip-flop between spanking and belly button titillation. 

Unbound Babes
Tsk Double-Ended Paddle Tickler

$25 at Unbound Babes

“Wartenberg” pinwheels are a favorite BDSM toy of peeps with a sexual medical fetish, or anyone with an especially sensory kinky side to them. Most are stainless steel devices, which is cool, but we love what the aesthetic Unbound Babes’ “Spike” brings to the table (the table=your navel).  

Unbound Babes
Spike Sensation Play Pinwheel

$18 at Unbound Babes

Massage candles

Pouring warm oil on your lover’s belly from a candle? Very Medieval Times-sexual, and very easy to get into thanks to the abundance of great massage and wax play candles online these days; if it’s a BDSM drip you’re looking for, go for a set of dripping wax candles. But if you’re looking to massage your partner’s body with oils, Maude’s Burn No. 3 massage candle is like a spa day in a jar. The hand-poured jojoba oil candle has notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, cassis, and Haitian vetiver. 

Burn No. 3 Massage Candle

$30 at Maude

Try E-Stim

E-stim, or electro-stimulation/electro-sex, can be an incredible way to bring sensation play and dom/sub kinks into sex. I tried an E-stim pad by VUSH that’s designed to relieve menstrual pain recently, and was surprised when it gave me more than just cramp relief. The device, known as Aura, has over 20 intensity settings and patterns for massaging your body with electro currents that feel soothing and like you’re getting sucked-off by a bunch of rimora. I definitely want to try leaving it on during sex for a hyper sensory experience.

Learn more about Aura here

See you next time for tantric nipple play. 

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