Once and for All: Is Supergoop Sunscreen Worth It?

A truly invisible SPF formula called Unseen Sunscreen took over my feeds, so I tried it to give you an honest review of this crazy-popular sunscreen.

Welcome back to Once and For All, where we figure out whether the stuff people rave about, cherish, and form their entire identities around is actually worth the investment. We've looked at cast iron panslinen sheets, and more, and today, we're investigating the cult of Supergoop sunscreen.

Now that it’s officially summer, all I want to do is slather myself in tanning oil, wrap myself in aluminum foil, grab the Sun-In, a Capri-Sun, and bake. But these days, I know better, and hopefully you do, too—sun damage is no joke. You may only remember the number those orange highlights did on your psyche, but as we now know through countless studies about the effects of UV rays on our skin, the damage caused by sunburns is much more serious and long-lasting. It’s crucial to wear sunscreen on a daily basis (yes, even in the winter) because even on overcast days, 80% of the sun’s UV rays still reach Earth—and thus your skin. 

Now, we know a lot of people out there probably don’t wear sunscreen because, well, they don’t like sunscreen. Understandable—lots of SPF can be sticky, chalky, greasy, and sometimes smells like a bottle of Malibu rum, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If wearing sunscreen every day sounds like your own personal hell, it probably means you haven’t found the right product yet. Allow us to introduce you to the best sunscreen in the game: Supergoop.

You may have already heard of Supergoop, since it has dozens of products, each with their own draw, but the undeniable gold medalist is the Unseen Sunscreen. It has a cult-like following on TikTok—the #supergoop hashtag has a whopping 151.2 million views—and beyond, for a variety of reasons; it’s totally transparent, fragrance-free, free of most common allergens, and leaves no white cast (on all skin tones). It has the consistency of a makeup primer (a velvety silicone feel) that does in fact wear quite well under makeup, and as a bonus, it has a feel-good ingredient list that includes frankincense, to soothe sensitive skin, and meadowfoam seed, which purports to increase hydration and even skin texture. It’s also an all-around good-for-everyday sunscreen, and it bodes well for the brand that dermatologists are also big fans, especially because it is water-resistant for 40 minutes, resulting in reliable protection despite its invisibility cloak. 

Unseen Sunscreen
$36 at Amazon

$36 at Sephora

$36 at Supergoop!

Before trying Supergoop, like everyone else, my SPF game was inconsistent, and I conveniently “forgot” to apply sunscreen in my daily skincare routine. Other products burned my eyes (making me look stoned) or left an extreme white-cast (making me look like the Victorian child haunting your attic). But when I first tried the Unseen Sunscreen, I found that it feels exactly like a mattifying jelly primer—a texture totally unlike other sunscreens I’ve tried before. Unlike the chalky mineral formulas that made me look like a ghost, it’s totally translucent and absorbs quickly, leaving behind a velvet sheen that minimizes pores and resembles the finish of every hot girl’s favorite foundation: Armani Luminous Silk.I found that I could comfortably wear it all day when I was  out running errands, or as the best base for summer schvitz-proof makeup. 

Although I’ve been wearing sunscreen regularly on my face, décolletage, and hands for about 15 years, the moment I found Supergoop, pretty much everything changed—most importantly, my mindset. We all know the both health-related and vain reasons that you should wear sunscreen every day: SPF prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and acne marks, and helps minimize the ones you already have. But before, wearing sunscreen every day was a chore, an extra step in an already arduous skincare routine that was often “forgotten” if I was short on time. Now, it’s a seamless, pleasant experience to apply and wear it. 

Plus, as someone with incredibly sensitive skin (and an annoying amount of allergies), I’ve been forced to treat my epidermis like the temperamental little baby she is, and never had the luxury of indulging in overly fragranced or gimmicky products. Supergoop has been a blessing for me (and apparently many others with obnoxiously sensitive skin) because it’s so dang gentle.

As with everything on the internet, there is the occasional critic of Unseen Sunscreen, for a textural or ingredient-based reason, but that’s OK, because my absolute favorite thing about Supergoop is the brand’s wide variety of products that make finding your personal holy grail sunscreen as easy as taking an online quiz. The brand helpfully offers travel sizes and plenty of samples if you are still on your journey, and not ready to commit to a giant bottle (which they have, and I will be buying). They even have a line of 100% mineral-based sunscreens that are ideal for people with supremely sensitive or acne-prone skin.


So, while I get the Unseen Sunscreen hype now, I actually have a new favorite in the Supergoop rotation—it doubles as my new favorite moisturizer, primer, and all-around hack to better skin: Glowscreen.  While Unseen Sunscreen is, well, unseen, Glowscreen has a thinner formula which is very shimmery and highlighting, and it contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and niacinamide, which help boost my skin’s moisture and even its texture. This has been my absolute favorite sunscreen product lately; especially for mornings I need to be in public, but don’t require a full beat. I truly wake up, wash my face, slather on Glowscreen, brush my brows, apply Chapstick, and stumble to the bodega for oat milk. It’s my no-makeup makeup all-star that gives me the perfect iridescent sheen without an overdone glittery look.  It comes in two shades, Sunrise and Golden Hour, both of which create that lit-from-within glow that you only get from a really great night’s sleep or a tropical vacation. It’s billed as a makeup primer, which it indeed performs exceptionally as—but my favorite way to wear it is bare with nothing atop it at all, since it adds a little oomph without needing to apply additional makeup.

$36 at Amazon

$36 at Sephora

$36 at Supergoop!

If you have oily skin and a matte finish is the goal, I have also tried—and also loved—the Mineral Mattescreen, and found that it is incredibly quiche for those who prefer to be sheen-free. That being said, my two gold star favorites are Unseen Sunscreen and Glowscreen. I use them almost interchangeably, depending on mood. 

I must disclose that I have become a full-blown Supergoop addict, and during a recent sale I went to the window, to the wall, till my cart was filled with all; and nothing disappointed me. The PLAY line is great for going to the beach or exercising outdoors, and it’s gentle enough to be used head-to-toe. I am also a big fan of the brand’s (Re)setting mist for effortless re-applying, its SPF-infused makeup products, and Glow Oil for getting a tan, responsibly.

The TL;DR is thus: Supergoop rocks because the absolute best sunscreen is the kind that you want to wear everyday, and that’s what Supergoop does best. Unseen Sunscreen’s silky-smooth, leave-no-cast, non-irritating formula is for everyone who wants a natural finish, with full sun-protection, and Glowscreen provides that just-got- back- from- vacation -aura. Try a few and you’ll likely discover you’re weirdly obsessed with SPF and are never looking back.

Slather up, catch those rays, and shine on, you beautiful bronze baddies. 

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