Piracy Will Never Die

This week’s Cyber is all about Popcorn Time, the Wu-Tang Clan, and a keyboard so good some people think it’s cheating.

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Popcorn time, a place where millions of people gathered everyday to watch low-res streams of their favorite films, is dead.

Or is it? According to Motherboard Editor-in-Chief Jason Koebler, rumors of the demise of the Netflix of Piracy have been greatly exaggerated. According to Jason, Popcorn time is likely unkillable.

It’s the first Cyber back after the holiday break and there’s a lot to talk about. After Jason and Matthew run through a brief history of pirating things online, they turn their attention to Call of Duty. Activision has revealed the identity of people it says are selling cheats to Warzone players. Now, it’s suing them.

We also talk about recently released pictures of the one of a kind Wu Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Judging by the pictures, the album wasn’t treated well while in government custody. And finally, we round out the week by talking about the CharaCorder—a keyboard so advanced that some people think it’s cheating.

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