Finally, a Fancy Serum for Your Vagina

Ever wanted to pamper your vulva with a soothing moisturizer formulated especially for your nethers? Enter Kindra's $49 V Relief Serum.

When we talk about skincare, we often don't specify which skin we're talking about. Smearing yourself with Crème de la Mer? Most people would assume it's going on your face and maybe your neck. Waxing effusively about Weleda Skin Food? You're probably slathering it on your elbows, knees, feet, and hands. But rarely do we talk about the skin that's lesser-seen, but just as—if not more—important: the skin of your [Borat voice] vagine. 


And that skin, withheld from the light of day as it may be, deserves pampering, and needs attention in general. Yes, if you've got a vagina, you know that sometimes things get a little weird down there, whether due to hormonal fluctuations, shaving irritation, yeast problems, or the classic perils of wearing too-tight, cheap, polyester underwear. (Fool me twice… well… shame on me, I guess.) You may end up itchy, scratchy, dry, or extra-sensi, wishing that you had a vaginal equivalent of the expensive serum you continuously purchase from Sephora to combat your existential angst. Great news: Now, thanks to Kindra, such a product exists and awaits. 

V Relief Serum

$49 at Kindra

If you've ever wanted to slather your honeypot in body-safe Chapstick, the V Relief Serum has come to save the day. With the tagline "Bees sting, vulvas shouldn't," Kindra's mission is to soothe your temperamental vulva skin into a sweet state of symptom-free comfort, alleviating the everyday irritation that many, many vagina-owners know all too well. And, in order to achieve that, this top-of-the-line vaginal serum has many of the same ingredients you'd expect to see in a fancy face moisturizer, including hyaluronic acid, skin-barrier-restoring peptides, vitamin E, shea butter, and coconut oil. The result is a hooha-hushing cream that's just as handy for your girlfriend who spent too long in a wet bathing suit as it is for your auntie who's going through the throes of menopause (and all the hormonal swings that lead to that itchy, irritated skin downstairs). It's also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, estrogen-free, fragrance-free, and non-greasy. 

Just squirt a couple of pumps onto your fingers, massage the serum onto your vulva (it can also be used on the opening of the vagina), and enjoy the feeling of the chapping and itching melting away. If you're wondering whether the serum can be used as lube or to help with painful sex, the short answer is yes, although since it's quite pricey, it's better as a daily treatment that will lay the groundwork for a happy, horny sex life during every hormonal state. According to a study of 27 women who used the serum for four weeks, 100 percent saw an improvement in their vaginal skin symptoms, and 93 percent reported feeling more comfortable after each use. 


Kindra also makes a Daily Vaginal Lotion and a Soothe Bath Soak, so you can lay out a full skincare regimen for your lady parts. 

The Ultimate V Relief Bundle

$79.00$69 at Kindra
The Daily Vaginal Lotion

$49 at Kindra

The Daily Vaginal Lotion is a "bestselling cult favorite," according to the brand, and we figure it's fair that you might not hear about this stuff—even if it's selling in droves—since most people probably don't want to punctuate their brunch convos with updates about their itchy vulva skin. It has phenomenal reviews (4.5 out of 5 stars, cumulatively from over 700 reviews) and "95% of women reporting meaningful improvements with as little as two uses." Don't know about YOUR centipede-filled vagina, but ours are ready for their own $49 moisturizer. Meanwhile, the Soothe Bath Soak is more like a spa treatment for your fanny, with oat kernel extract, chamomile, coconut, and shea butter to help mellow things down under and prep you for an itch-free night of sleep. If you have a menopausal family member who's suffering from hot flashes and hooha problems, this makes a great gift. 

So, if your medicine cabinet is stocked with serums, face masks, and moisturizers, but you've neglected to offer your vag the same degree of high-quality skincare, look no further—Kindra's skincare line isn’t cheap, but your lady parts deserve the best. 

Head over to Kindra to make your vulva happy with the V Relief Serum

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