Home That Washed Into Atlantic Ocean Still Worth $380,000, Zillow Says

“Another Outer Banks vacation home that’ll give you unparalleled views!”

“You can't beat the views from this Rodanthe oceanfront under $300K,” the November, 2020 Re/Max listing for 24265 Ocean Drive said. “This area experiences ocean over wash which requires sand removal but the home is priced accordingly. It’s not a bad tradeoff when enjoying such amazing views of the beach.” 

I'm not sure whether the people who bought the home for $275,000 less than two years ago would still agree the tradeoff is worth it as the home collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean Tuesday afternoon. People were quick to point out that Zillow still lists the home, now destroyed, as being worth $381,200. The National Park Service said that the home was unoccupied at the time of its collapse, and that it’s the “second unoccupied house collapse of the day at the Seashore.”  

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A storm in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, has brought coastal flooding and big waves to the area. While it’s difficult to pin any single event on climate change,  scientists agree that it exacerbates all sorts of extreme weather. Coastal flooding, sea level rise, and more intense storms make purchasing or living in a home that is built literally on the sand a bad idea. In nearby Avon, homeowners are paying an additional 50 percent in property taxes to try to prevent the only road into town from washing away due to sea level rise, and officials there are considering whether the community has a long term future at all. 

Image: NPS

The home that collapsed was formerly called “Chez Scov II,” and was for years a vacation rental property: “Chez Scov II is another Outer Banks vacation home that’ll give you unparalleled views,” a listing for the home stated.


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