The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Deals to Deck Your Halls

West Elm’s Cyber Monday deals include mushroom lamps, mid-century furniture, holiday decor, and more stuff to make your friends jealous.

Nov 29 2021, 6:45pm
It's the best week of the year to shop for those who know that full-price is for suckers.

You know you’ve always wanted to say Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I got it at West Elm. We all do—but our slender, slender budgets don’t always account for spending a few thousand dollars shopping for armoires. Well, you lucky duck, today is the day that you can actually afford that side table, bar cart, or mid-century style couch that’s been sitting in your shopping cart since June. Yep, it’s time for West Elm’s Cyber Monday sale


As we continue to surf the web for the best Cyber Monday deals, we’re making a pit stop to bring you the best West Elm Cyber Monday deals, so you can turn your railroad apartment into a mid-century mansion. Here’s the deal: You can get up to 40% off ready-to-ship furniture (including sofas and sectionals), rugs, and lighting; up to 50% off bedding, and up to 70% off holiday decor as part of the site's Cyber Monday sale. (Plus, get an extra 25% off clearance items with the code EXTRA25.) We know you’re busy (that wicker man isn’t gonna weave himself!) so we’ve found the best of the best West Elm deals for you, including hot dog ornaments, faux fur throws, groovy mushroom lamps, and much more.   

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Furniture Deals

A mid-century dining table

Is it a Noguchi? A Probber? Nope, but your guests will be fooled by this walnut-finished, mid-century style dining wooden table, which creates such a versatile yet statement-making silhouette; it’s bold but warm, graphic but cozy, and it was one of our editor’s favorite Black Friday deals picks

West Elm
Jax Round Dining Table

$799.00$559.20 at West Elm

Embrace the power of a versatile ottoman

It’s a coffee table, it’s a seat, it’s an extension for your couch upon which you can fully, comfortably extend those legs during movie night. People sleep on the ottoman—seriously, you could curl up on this big boi—but it’s one of the wisest additions you could make to your living room space. Think of how chic this leather slab will look in your home. 

West Elm
Axel Leather Ottoman

$599.00$479.20 at West Elm

It’s finally time for a bedframe

Congrats, Brad. You’ve sprouted legs to go with that hot tadpole body, and made the evolutionary step towards owning a real, adult-worthy bed frame like the “Camilla,” which is made of solid pine and has the kind of plush headboard we thought only existed on Desperate Housewives.

West Elm
Camilla Bed

$1099.00$769.30 at West Elm

A couch for under $1,000


Hell yeah, brother. Now this is the kind of Cyber Monday moment we’re talking about [plates gabagool]; the kind that gives us a Don Draper-worthy couch with trestle-style legs for under $1,000. 

West Elm
Eddy Sofa

$1099.00$989.10 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Rug Deals

A wooly Moroccan-style rug

This fluffer takes inspiration from traditional Moroccan rugs, and it’s one of our favorites because the wool material makes it a soft yet durable choice, and it’s perfect for parts of the home that get a lot of foot or paw traffic.  

West Elm
Souk Wool Rug

$160.00$94.99 at West Elm

You crave patterns (but you’re afraid of patterns)

Understandable. No one wants to feel tied down, man, and a pattern can be a big commitment to a certain aesthetic. Unless, that is, you cop a rug like this that has a slightly faded, monochrome take on an intricate design.

West Elm
Indra Rug

$140.00$112 at West Elm

You’ve been to Joshua Tree

We know, we know—you gotta smoke one under the yucca palms to understand. Or you could just vibe out with the earthy Tetris pyramids on this rug from the comfort of your home. Save $42 on it right now.

West Elm
Colca Wool Rug (5' x 8')

$420.00$378 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Bedding Deals

Your honey velvet bedchamber awaits

ICYMI, mustard and honey-hued bedding is having a moment. Can you imagine getting cradled by these warm, yolky shades of velvet sunshine before night-night time? They’re inviting, horny, and perfect for winter or anyone whose home aesthetic is 1970s LARPing. Save $150 on the set during the Cyber Monday sale.

West Elm
Lush Velvet Tack Stitch Quilt & Shams (Full/Queen)

$299.00$149.50 at West Elm

The sheets that feel like your comfiest T-shirt

If you’re still sleeping on crappy, pilling, poly-blend sheets that you got in Target in 2013… why??? Stop. No. Upgrade to linen, sateen, or percale, and even better if they’re jersey, which is a great affordable weave. We love the ultra-soft feel and low-maintenance vibe of this cloud-like set, which is on sale in a bunch of neutral colors.

West Elm
Cotton Cloud Jersey Sheet Set & Pillowcases (Queen)

$180.00$135 at West Elm

Faux fur throws rock

You know that scene in The Revenant where Leo curls up in a faux chinchilla fur throw, sips his CBD night night tincture, and calls it a day? Yeahhhhh. 

West Elm
Faux Fur Throws

$100.00$59.99 at West Elm

Replace that navy, jersey bedding with this

Please, Brad. You’ve found the perfect bed frame to get those sweet, sk8r boi cheeks off the floor, but now you have to finish the job with some Very Good Bedding. We firmly believe that stretch jersey fabric should only be used for experimental theater acrobats, but we also understand your need for a deep-blue color scheme. This set fits the bill perfectly, and has just the right amount of light cross-stitching. The king-sized duvet cover is currently $80 off.

West Elm
Organic Sashiko Cross Stitch Jacquard Flannel Duvet Cover (King)

$200.00$120 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Lighting Deals

A forever mushroom

We could dedicate an entire article to the glory of mushroom-inspired lamps, from Art Nouveau models to futuristic mid-century designs made of Italian glass. This ribbed shroomy comes in four different colors, and looks just as good turned off as it does when it’s switched on—and you know this baby is switched on [rips bong]. 

West Elm
Ribbed Glass Table Lamp

$159.00$151.05 at West Elm

This belongs in Troye Sivan’s Architectural Digest tour

Have you seen the AD tour of the singer’s home? It’s amazing. It’s also populated by delicate, slightly alien-looking paper and Noguchi lamps for which this pendant light is an excellent dupe. 

West Elm
Cirrus Pendant Lamp

$399.00$359.10 at West Elm

Your home is your Acropolis

It’s an unseasonably balmy winter night as your dinner guests arrive for your bacchanal, their nude bodies drenched in Brightland olive oil as you illuminate a golden lamp shinier than the chariot of Helios himself. You are perfect, but not as perfect as this pillar. 

West Elm
Pillar Floor Lamp

$462.00$299 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Decor Deals

Versatile vases

Mix and match them, use them for every season and every reason. Perfect for buds, fronds, and crazy straws.

West Elm
Shape Studies Ceramic Vases

$15.50$9.30 at West Elm

West Elm
Pure White Ceramic Vases

$16.00$9.60 at West Elm

Get that monstera off the floor

Can you stand it? Yes, you can. These spun metal plant stands will help turn your quarantine babies into larger focal points in the room, while the rattan ones will make a nod to your crunchy, Phish head past.

West Elm
Spun Metal Standing Planter (7.25" x 16.5")

$80.00$48 at West Elm
West Elm
Adobe Rattan Planter

$99.00$59.40 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Cyber Monday Holiday Decor Deals

A tree skirt that’s not a sheet

There’s nothing wrong with the old sheet-as-a-tree-skirt move, but it kind of sucks to be out of a sheet (and to cover that sheet in sap)—and isn’t it so much nicer to get a stylish skirt? One that shows the tree a little respect? It didn’t grow for five years just to stare at Brad’s crusty top sheet during its swan song. Have a little ceremony. 

West Elm
Teddy Tree Skirt in Alabaster

$80.00$48 at West Elm

You never stop thinking about hot dogs

Same. So why not deck out your tree in wieners, and forgeo the traditional Christmas ornaments? After all, have you ever seen what a Biblically accurate angel looks like? Terrifying.  

West Elm
Glass Carnival Foods Ornaments (Set of 3)

$30.00$21 at West Elm

‘Cause holiday lights are a serotonin superhighway

Are they icicles? Electric tears? Who cares, they’re pretty and they’re on sale just in time for decking your halls.

West Elm
LED String Lights - 20'

$80.00$22.50 at West Elm

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. This story is being continuously updated to reflect new information and hot deals.


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