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Carlos Boozer Reveals How He Got That Painted-On Hairdo

Carlos Boozer finally admits what went wrong with his hairdo way back in 2012. It's hilarious.

Oct 28 2015, 8:45pmSnap

In 2012, Carlos Boozer showed up to a game looking like he had dipped a very broad brush in black paint and applied it directly to his head. It was the weirdest thing. For years now it's been a mystery, but Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones finally got Boozer to break his silence on the matter during an appearance on Highly Questionable.

Boozer completely owns up to the whole thing, and admits he was trying to cover up some hair loss with a less-than-ideal solution. He tells the hosts that he was told about a hair dye product called The Bigen, and it basically made his head look like shoe polish. He goes on to say how much shit he's taken for it over the years and that he tried to "shampoo that thing seven or eight times" to no avail. There's not a dry eye in the place, but Boozer is a tremendous sport about it.


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