Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, July 2022

Welcome to Cancer season, dear Gemini!

The sun in Cancer illuminates the financial sector of your chart, finding you focused on themes like money, security, comfort, and your belongings. You may be thinking about your many talents, what they’re worth, and whether you’re feeling appreciated for all that you do. Cancer’s archetype is all about safety and nourishment, so during Cancer season you’re thinking about how to create a sense of material wellbeing in your life!


Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on July 1, which could make for a particularly intense atmosphere. Drama may arise in your social life, you could feel like you have to “pick a side,” or some complicated power dynamics may be playing out. Guilt trips and sly manipulations can be called out. If someone is dangling a carrot or controlling a situation by manipulating resources or playing games with money, you’re drawing a line. It’s a powerful time to set boundaries! Endings can take place. Small arguments could be blown out of proportion as tempers are very hot at this time. Call in help from a third party if you need support!

Your ruling planet Mercury is in your sign, Gemini, at the start of the month, and on July 2, it connects with Saturn in fellow air sign Aquarius and squares off with Neptune in Pisces. Mercury’s connection with Saturn bodes well for travel, education, and publishing, and could find you making a solid agreement—however, Mercury’s square with Neptune can mean you’re feeling confused about your long-term goals or career. You might feel like you’re not expressing yourself as well as you’d like, or feeling frustrated that plans are getting disorganized. Take it slow. Details might be difficult to work out at this time, so focus on the big picture instead! 

Mars enters Taurus on July 5, which could find you feeling restless and having wild dreams at night! You may have a lot of pent up energy to express: Try dancing it all out, or channel your energy into a creative project. You might be upset about something that you’re unsure how to express; this can be a powerful time for you to work through issues in therapy.


Your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer also on July 5, kicking up conversations about money or finding you handling paperwork regarding your belongings or finances. Mercury and Mars align on July 5, and communication is moving along swiftly! Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Aries on July 9, which could mean your social circle is expanding. Exciting conversations can take place—just watch out for exaggerations. You may be excited to try something new as the sun mingles with Uranus in Taurus on July 10: Change is in the air, and surprises can take place at this time. 

The full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13, perhaps bringing a climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your finances. You may be settling a debt, organizing your bills, or reaching a resolution with a partner about how you share money, resources, or responsibilities. While there’s a big focus on money at this time, in your love life, you and your partner may be exploring intimacy on a deeper level, too. As your responsibilities to each other grow, trust is put to the test, and you may learn how vulnerable and “real” you can be with you partner at this time. Also during this full moon, Venus, which is in your sign, makes a supportive connection with Saturn, and Mercury connects with Uranus, which bodes well for support and commitment, as well as experimentation and flexibility. 

Venus squares off with Neptune on July 14, which may find people in a sensitive mood. You could be particularly tender about your career or reputation, what you want to do with your life and how you want to be perceived. You may be wondering if people “get” you and your work, or feeling sensitive about being in the spotlight. Success may not be playing out the way you had expected, but this feeling—like all feelings—will pass, and it’s possible you’re at a major turning point in your career or creative process, but don’t have perspective yet! Give yourself space. Be gentle with yourself and others at this time. Ask for what you need and don’t get swept up by worry; find ways to stay grounded and keep your witty sense of humor engaged.


An important realization about money or security can take place as the sun meets Mercury on July 16. This may be a new beginning for you as you access more resources, get a raise or increase your rates, or take a new approach to managing your budget. An inspiring conversation about your career and life in public takes place on July 17 as Mercury and the sun mingle with creative Neptune. You can be feeling especially glamorous and popular at this time! Also on July 17, Venus enters Cancer, which could bring a special gift your way or bode well for you financially.

Intense conversations, perhaps about money or security, take place on July 18 as Mercury opposes Pluto. Mercury enters Leo on July 19, inspiring focus and determination. During this time, you could be connecting with your siblings if you have them, connecting with your neighbors, or engaging with your community. The sun opposes Pluto also on July 19, perhaps stirring up control issues: It may be time to make an important change, but letting go of the past can be very difficult. You could feel like you have an obligation to someone or something that makes things especially draining for you at this time, so call in reinforcements from a counselor or a third party to help mediate an issue or help you get over any hang-ups or anxieties. 

Leo season begins on July 22, inspiring a busy, social atmosphere and kicking up communication, and Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 23, bringing a sunny, open-minded energy. Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25, inspiring a fun, social mood and boding well for your love life—just try not to over-indulge. Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26, which might find you feeling impulsive: Be sure to think things through before you take action! Watch out for bickering as well. 

A new conversation can begin or a new idea shared during the new moon in Leo on July 28. Also during this new moon, Mercury squares off with Uranus, perhaps bringing a particularly surprising piece of information. Jupiter also begins its retrograde: Your social circle may have expanded a lot this year, and now you’re deeply considering which groups and communities you truly want to invest your time in. Communication delays could take place as Mercury opposes Saturn on July 31, but also on this day, the sun makes a helpful connection with Jupiter, inspiring an exciting atmosphere in your social life.

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in August!


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