A Philippine Official Had Sex With His Staff Member While on a Zoom Call About COVID, Then Returned to Work As Normal

The official apparently thought his camera was turned off.

Aug 28 2020, 11:21am

Getting caught wearing pajamas on a Zoom call? Bad. Getting caught having sex with your staff on a Zoom call? Worse. 

A local government chief in the Philippines was caught having sex with his female treasurer during a work Zoom call to discuss the COVID-19 situation in the area.

Local media reported that the call brought together regional officials from Dasmariñas City in the Philippine province of Cavite, located on Luzon island. The official was identified as Jesus Estil, the captain of the Fatima Dos village council.


According to local media, the encounter began after Estil attempted to mute his Zoom app, thinking that he had also switched off his video. Estil can be seen, in full view of his colleagues, walking away from the computer to engage in a sex act for several minutes.

Afterward, Estil buttoned up his pants and nonchalantly returned to the computer screen. The video was recorded by a colleague on the call and has since made the rounds on Philippine social media. 

Outraged residents swiftly filed a petition to have Estil and his treasurer removed from office for misconduct. 

Philippines interior spokesman Jonathan Malaya said in a statement on Thursday that the act was “unbecoming.” 

“It is appalling and disturbing because it goes against public morals,” he said. “We assure the public that we will investigate this incident and will hold the captain liable.” 

Local media reports that the two officials have since stepped down from their posts.


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