Pornhub Is Banning AI-Generated Fake Porn Videos, Says They're Nonconsensual

The giant porn site puts deepfakes in the same category as revenge porn.

Feb 6 2018, 7:50pm

In its search of a platform that will host fake porn videos of celebrities created with a machine learning algorithm, the deepfakes community briefly turned to Pornhub, a porn site that gets over 75 million visitors a day.

Tuesday, Pornhub told Motherboard that it considers deepfakes to be nonconsensual porn and that it will ban these videos.

“We do not tolerate any nonconsensual content on the site and we remove all said content as soon as we are made aware of it," a spokesperson told me in an email. "Nonconsensual content directly violates our TOS [terms of service] and consists of content such as revenge porn, deepfakes or anything published without a person’s consent or permission.” Pornhub previously told Mashable that it has removed deepfakes that are flagged by users.

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Pornhub's position on deepfakes is similar to statements made by Discord and Gfycat, and in line with its existing terms of service, which prohibit content that “impersonates another person or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person.”

However, despite the company's statement, Pornhub is still loaded with deepfakes. I was able to easily find dozens of deepfakes posted in the last few days, many under the search term “deepfakes” or with deepfakes and the name of celebrities in the title of the video.


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