Watch Will Smith Play Neo in This Cursed 'Matrix' Deepfake

Be careful what you wish for, everybody. You just might get it.

Sep 4 2019, 4:16pmSnap

There is another world out there somewhere, a world not unlike our own, save for one major difference: In this timeline, Will Smith decided not to make the steampunk travesty that was Wild Wild West and actually wound up playing Neo in The Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves. Of course, it would've been a completely different movie with Smith learning kung fu or whatever, since Reeves brought a hollow stillness to Neo that fit the character perfectly and Will Smith can't help but hog the frame whenever he's on screen, but it has always been an interesting thought experiment for stoned teenage film nerds to chew on over the years. What would that Will Smith Matrix movie have been like, we've asked one another, not understanding the terrible cost that such questions could bring. But now, sadly, we know.


This week, our communal curiosity has given birth to something so awful, so troubling, so soul-rattlingly disturbing that it should teach us to never speak such naive musings again—because a YouTube user named Sham00K just deepfaked Will Smith into The Matrix and the thing is extremely cursed.

Just watch:

The floppy hair! The Men in Black mustache! The weird, confused Keanu expression on Will Smith's youthful face! For the love of all that is holy, give us the blue pill and make it stop. At least it's better than the de-aged Will Smith in Gemini Man, so that's something. But still, just—no. Please, no. Be careful what you wish for, everybody. You just might get it.


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