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I Think I Found Some Pictures of Subway Staff Having Sex at Work

Fast food workers doing grim things on the job stories are all the rage these days.

Photo via Facebook

The above photo of a Taco Bell worker licking a stack of taco shells was posted to the official Taco Bell Facebook page a few days ago.

The image went viral, and the kid in the photo is now in the process of being fired.

A year or so before that happened, I found three images on a plus-size dating website called that seem to show two Subway employees having sex while at work. I saved them and filed them away in my "weird, but probably not weird enough to warrant writing about" folder.


But seeing as fast-food-workers-doing-grim-stuff-on-the-job stories seem to be all the rage these days, here you go:

The first image appears to show a guy wearing a red Subway uniform having bareback anal sex with a guy in a green Subway uniform, in a time and location that the caption identifies as "the work bathroom during hours."

I've protected the young men's modesty with a six-inch Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham© sandwich.

Image #2 appears to show Green Uniform performing oral sex on Red Uniform. Which, food-service-hygeine issues aside, probably didn't taste all that nice considering where it was in the last photo.

The final image appears to show Red Uniform ejaculating in the sink. The image is captioned, "me cumming in the bathroom sink at work."

I'm not sure if this series of photos is more or less concerning than the Taco Bell ones. I guess it all comes down to which kind of bodily fluids you prefer unknowingly ingesting.


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