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Everything We Know So Far About the Canadian Shooting Spree That Killed Three Women

The three women, who were killed in three different towns all reportedly dated the suspect at some point.

Police crime scene tape surrounds a house in Wilno, Ontario, Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Photo courtesy Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

Three women were shot to death in a killing spree that took place in the Ottawa Valley Tuesday morning.

Anastasia Kuzyk, 36, Nathalie Warmerdam, 48, and Carol Culleton, 66, were gunned down at various Eastern Ontario residences over several hours.

Suspect Basil Borutski, 57, is now in custody in relation to the crimes and is scheduled to appear in Pembroke court today.

According to reports, the women had each been romantically involved with Borutski at some point.


Tuesday's dramatic events included a manhunt that spanned three townships along the Upper Ottawa River and resulted in the lockdown of schools, neighborhoods, a courthouse, and a law firm.

At about 9 AM Tuesday, Ontario Provincial Police found Kuzyk dead in a house on Szczipior Road in Wilno, a village located a few hours west of Ottawa. Information then led them 16 miles south, to the town of Cormac, where they located Warmerdam's body at a house of Foymount Road. She too had been shot.

According to news reports, a man in that home fled the residence prior to the shooting and called the authorities.

Witnesses reported a heavy police presence on scene, including dozens of police cars, tactical officers, a K-9 squad, and a drone flying overhead.

Shortly after 11 AM, OPP officers found Culleton dead at a home on Kamaniskeg Lake Road in Bancroft, located about 56 miles away.

The manhunt widened with cops describing their suspect as armed and dangerous and advising residents in Cormac to stay inside.

At around 2:30 PM, officers found Borutski hiding out in a treed area in Kinburn, about 80 miles south of Wilno, and arrested him without incident. Police told the Ottawa Citizen they also recovered a gun at the scene. Borutski is expected to be charged today.

The victims are being mourned by friends and family members today. Warmerdam was a mother of two and a healthcare professional and Kuzyk, a budding real estate agent and bar server who loved horses.


Corrine Higgins, Kuzyk's boss at the Wilno Tavern, told the Citizen Borutski had "an angry intensity to him."

"She tried to separate herself from the relationship," she said, adding Kuzyk wanted to have Borutski charged with abuse. "It wasn't like she was still involved with him. She had severed that relationship. He couldn't let go."

According to the Citizen, several of Borutski's acquaintances told the cops they'd received threatening phone calls from him in the days leading up to the killings. One person reportedly said he'd publicized a list of names of people against whom he sought revenge.

Borutski had a lengthy rap sheet, according to CBC News, including a 19-month jail stint for assault, weapons possession, and theft. He was recently released and is under a lifetime weapons ban.

A former mill worker, according to the Citizen, Borutski has suffered multiple severe injuries in his life. When he was younger, his right hand was severed and reattached and a 1994 car crash left him permanently disabled.

He had three children his first wife Mary Ann Borutski but their marriage broke up in 2011. The divorce was messy, according to reports.

During the proceedings, daughters Candace and Amanda characterized Borutski as "violent, easily agitated, and tyrannical toward his family members."

The presiding judge reportedly said Borutski's relationship with his wife was "wretched."

His daughters also testified that their dad was physically abusive toward their mother, attempting to push her from a moving car on one occasion. He also allegedly threatened to burn down their family home if it was awarded to his wife.


The family's property at Round Lake did burn to the ground, but an OPP investigation yielded no charges.

Borutski claimed his wife had falsely accused him of domestic violence over the course of their relationship.

His brother William Borutski told CBC he was estranged from Borutski and that his family is "devastated" by the news.

Autopsies of the victims are slated to be conducted Wednesday.

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