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Voodoo Village - Mary Woronov

I was watching the film TerrorVision last night and it was awesome. It got even better when I realised it starred Mary Woronov. Every now and then I'll watch a great 70s or 80s low budget film and
Woronov, more often than not, will be in it. She was part of Andy
Warhol's Factory, appearing in quite a few of his films, and was also a go-go
dancer for The Velvet Underground. She's basically one of the coolest women


If you've never seen her films then I suggest you watch TerrorVision,
Eating Raoul, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Chopping Mall or Death Race 2000 to
start with.

PS: This post's a good excuse to add the
Suicidal Tendencies video for "Institutionalized" which she's in as well.

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