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New, Blood-Chilling Video from Peder Confirms Your Co-Workers Are In Fact Plotting Your Murder

The Danish journeyman Peder drags us in to the darkest corner of our minds to the tune of dank, dusty blues in the video for "Shadows Of My Mind".

Everyone has secretly plotted a murder or two.

Sure, they're purely hypothetical murders, but be it an old high school girlfriend, some guy who cuts in front of you in line at Starbucks, or that old crow of a woman at your local bakery that always gropes your morning Danish with her bare hands (the tongs are right there!), everyone has that special someone (or someones) whose orchestrated death they have fantasized about intimately.


It is precisely those darkest and most deranged of emotions that are drawn out in Peder Pedersen's latest video directed by Peter Harton​. Blunt force murder ensues as facades crumble in this visual slice of psychotica accompanying the grubby, laid-back blues rock groove "Shadows Of My Mind" off of Pedersen's fourth solo album ​Come With Me​ that dropped back in April​.

If Pedersen's name is ringing a bell, it's probably due to one of quite a few accolades in Danish entertainment, such as being one half of the revered Danish comedy duo Gramsespektrum, netting a Grammy, and a Danish Music Award. Or maybe it's because this isn't the first time you've seen him rip apart social constructs with a brutally entertaining music video​​.

You're left with two choices here, really: Enter Peder's dark, emotional fantasy world by way of textbook Danish situational awkwardness and contemplate how we're all just social pariahs and piranhas circling each other, grappling with our inner demons – or just kick back to some very zen dusty blues licks and watch Pedersen go full Patrick Bateman on some dude with a crowbar: