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Holy Shit

Danny Brown Is Still Freaking out On "Pneumonia," and All Is as It Should Be

It’s the second single from ‘Atrocity Exhibition,’ due out September 30.

Danny Brown told Rolling Stone the other day that his new album Atrocity Exhibition, due out in September, took inspiration from “Raekwon, early Björk, Joy Division, Talking Heads and System of a Down's Toxicity.” They’re influences that only really fit together in Danny Brown’s head until he smashes them together and puts out a track like “When it Rain,” the first single we've heard from the new record. Somewhere beneath the noise and angst, all of those influences bleed together.


What selection of those influences went into the production of “Pneumonia” is harder to guess. The second single off Atrocity Exhibition strips away much of the bluster and fuzz to leave Brown alone in the middle of the mix, paranoid and brash. Atrocity Exhibition is going to be odd, a little scary, and probably quite brilliant.

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