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The Kid Who Stole Our Hearts From 'Stranger Things' Is Actually An Incredible Singer

Protect Gaten at all costs, he is incredible.

It is safe to say that

Stranger Things

has completely taken over all our lives this summer. Today news came that the 80s sci-fi inspired Netflix hit, which features Winona Ryder (welcome back! we missed you!) and a host of newcomer kid actors who have literally stolen my heart,

will be back in 2017 for season two

. The teaser trailer is fine—it utilizes the font we've all come to know and maybe loathe popping up on timelines thanks to this


handy generator

. But that's not important right now. As incredible as it is that we will be served another season of pre-teen sassiness set in 1984, what


important has absolutely nothing to do with season two or the show proper. It has to do with Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the lovable sidekick Dustin—arguably the best character on

Stranger Things

— to Finn Wolfhard's Mike. Matarazzo is an accomplished singer. I don't mean accomplished; I mean incredible.

Matarazzo posted a video to his Instagram page—which if you haven't taken a cruise through, I suggest you do so immediately to restore your faith in humans—of himself and his sister Sabrina singing along to Sia's


and, quite frankly, it is impeccable.

Let's investigate further.

Here he is with Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas on the show, singing along to the Stranger Things spooky, synthy theme song. It's a nice teaser for what kind of chops this kid really has, which, last I checked, is better than some current pop stars.

In 2015, young Matarazzo sang the national anthem at a New York Mets game with his sister. I am not American but his rendition, the way his voice soars to heights I didn't think most preteens could get to, makes me unbelievably patriotic.

Did you know that Matarazzo was on Broadway? Well, now you do!

Matarazzo played Gavroche in

Les Miserable,

accomplishing more than most of us ever had by the time we got to age 13.

What I'm saying here is a) this kid needs to be protected at all costs since he so pure and innocent, it is truly amazing and b) we hope season two fully uses the vocal resources of Matarazzo. It would be silly not to. Imagine him doing covers of your favourite 80s tracks?! I'm already weeping. Sarah MacDonald is a staff writer at Noisey Canada. Follow her on Twitter.