Something is Trippy in the State of Denmark: And It's 'Faces', the New EP from The Wands

The ever-winning combination of guitar noise and acid-drenched poetry catering to the expanded consciousness is alive, well, and back in style.

05 september 2016, 5:29am

All photos by Jacob Hansen

Ahh, it's a glorious time for psychedelic music in Denmark.

The ever-winning combination of swampy, distorted guitar noise and acid-drenched poetry catering to the expanded consciousness is alive, well, and back in style: From the rapidly growing interest in Copenhagen Psych Festival over the past few years, to the omni-presence of stellar-as-ever Danish psych kingpins Baby Woodrose, to the emergence of promising newcomers on the scene, like Eli, Fribytterdrømme, The Love Coffin and of course, our shroom-hunting buddies of choice, The Wands.

Which is why we were stoked to open our mail here at Noisey's Copenhagen office and find their latest EP offering Faces, neatly wrapped in rustic, presumably environmentally sound eco-paper. It's got four new tracks sandwiched in between an "Outro" and the wordless ultrasound-scan-at-Burning-Man that is "Living the Dream".

The EP ranges from far-out, purebred psych rock in the title track "Faces", to surf-ish strums and sharp changes of pace in "Between Heavens", to the comically caustic wordplay of "Cosmic Sinners" ("I don't believe in baby jesus // Sure he's just another fetus"). Lead singer Christian Vind Skibdal nails something along the lines of what you'd expect a psych rock Billy Corgan to sound like, but really, it's the guitar that makes this pleasurably chaotic ensemble worth tainting your mind with. At times, the riffs are warm and tender – lovemaking between finger and fret – but only to morph into superconscious slow-motion car accidents of reverb and noise.

But enough talk. Have a taste of this trippy treat for yourself:

Faces is out now, and you can catch The Wands live in concert here:

September 21st - Posten i Odense

September 23rd - Von Hotten i Randers (support: Eli)

September 30th - Sønderborghus i Sønderborg (double concert w/ Baby In Vain)

September 30th - Aarhus Psych Fest, Radar i Aarhus

October 30th - Studenterhuset i Aalborg (support: Eli)