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Listen to New Music By Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck, From the Video Game ‘Noct’

The NIN and Guns N' Roses guitarist has teamed up with Portuguese producer Wordclock for an enveloping indie game soundtrack.

Noct is a new game from indie publishers at large Devolver, made by c3sk. It's a top-down survival-horror game that looks creepy as fuck and has more nope nope nope-s in it than a bus party of arachnophobes trapped inside your local zoo's tarantula house for the night.

I mean, look at this thing.

'Noct', gameplay trailer

Looks great. Sounds great, too. The enveloping, droning, disquieting music for Noct has been composed by Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, also once of Guns N' Roses, alongside Portuguese composer Wordclock. The soundtrack's released via London's Laced Records later this week (on October 22nd, to be precise). But we've a sneaky sampler right here, as a VICE exclusive.


The tracks, and there are three, are "DASR", "IBEX" and "LAAS". Listen to them below.

Doesn't it pulse? Doesn't it squirm? It does. This is totally My Kind Of Thing, gotta be honest: hugely atmospheric, somewhat John Carpenter-like electro-dread. Sort of beautiful, too. The game? I probably shit myself too easily for that, but these sounds I'll keep, thanks.

Noct is released through Steam on October 22nd. More information at the game's official website. Laced Records' Facebook page is here.

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