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A Team of Mexicans Have Made a Game Where You Can Beat Up Donald Trump

The developer wants to make games that "transcend the creation of art" – like throwing shoes and a bowling ball at Donald Trump wearing a chicken suit.
Donald Trump takes a bowling ball to the stomach in 'Trumpealo.'

Donald Trump takes a bowling ball to the stomach in 'Trumpealo', images via Google Play Store/

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Mexicans have a right to be pissed off with Donald Trump. The Republican Presidential hopeful has called those crossing the border into the United States "drug dealers" and "rapists", and proposed to build a huge wall along the entire border to stop Mexican immigrants from entering the country.


Now Karaokulta, a Mexican video games developer, has created a way to take out your Trump-induced rage. It's released a beta version of Trumpealo, a game in which players throw shoes, bottles and other missiles at a cartoon Trump. (Alas, it now has plenty enough testers, so if you're just reading about the game now, too late.)

New high score!

In the game – a sort of one-sided Tekken but with bigger hair – players can dress Trump up in his campaign suit, a chicken outfit, or a mariachi get-up that's less Mr President and more Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun. While he's being pelted with objects, Trump calls out phrases like "México no es nuestro amigo" – Mexico is not our friend.

Jorge Suárez, the CEO of Karaokulta, was quoted by Vanguardia as saying "video games are art, they are a form of interactive expression. We want to make games with different situations, and though they might be delicate, we're Mexicans. If we laugh ourselves to death, why not? This is how the idea came about. It turns out people loved it."

"Mexico is not our friend."

According to its website, Karaokulta aims to "transcend the creation of art in the form of apps and video games that the world loves". It's hard not to argue that Trumpealo – a play on the Spanish word golpear, meaning "to beat up" – transcends art, becoming something profound and beautiful for those hoping that Trump's campaign fails.

At a recent fundraiser Trump announced "Nobody loves Hispanics like I do. I probably employ more than anybody else working for me. They rent my apartments, they give me a fortune. I love them. I love them." No matter how many he employs in his hotels, though, it looks like Mexicans don't love him back.

Sadly, we'll probably have to wait until 2020 for the inevitable Deez Nuts game.


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