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The Amanda Knox Fan Club

Visiting the obsessives on the day of the verdict.

af Adelaide Spadafora
07 oktober 2011, 9:20am

Whenever there's an over-reported trial, lots of morons start forming opinions on the guilt of the suspect. I guess it's fun, like a real-time mystery novel. But it’s still nonsense. Nobody actually follows the trial. Nobody knows the facts. This was particularly evident with the Amanda Knox trial. Half the world (aka England) thought she was a twisted black widow temptress. The other half of the world (aka the United States) saw her as an innocent, all-American victim of a backwards legal system of a third-world country (aka Italy). More revealingly, everyone thought she was fit. 

In any case, as you know, Amanda Knox was acquitted this week by some wops who think they're better than everyone and they can, like, stand on a pedestal and judge people. We thought we'd send a crew to Perugia, to capture the mood of what they thought was gonna happen right before it happened.

Kathy (centre) and Brittany (left) - USA

VICE: Hey dudes! You look American. Are you here for Amanda?
Yes. We know she's innocent. We decided to come down here from Florence and show her some support.

What do you think of her involvement in this story?
She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all.

But she's been in jail for three years now.
She's just a victim of the Italian law system. There's been a lot of confusion, but I'm sure she didn't do anything wrong.

And what do you think of her, Brittany?
I like her. I love her.

Why is that?
First of all, she's American! And then, come on, I'm sure she's such a nice and simple girl. How could anyone possibly think of her as a murderer? Just look at her! She can't be the evil person they say she is.

Of course not!

Sara - Italy

VICE: Hi, are you here to follow the trial?
Yes, I was curious to see what was going down.

How old are you?

So you were 11 when the whole thing started. What do you think of Amanda?
Yes, I'm young but I definitely made up my mind about her. I think that she's a liar and that she brought Raffaele into this nasty thing. I really don't think he's the type of person who could do that kind of disgusting stuff.

If you say so!

Maria and her mother - Venezuela

VICE: Hi! What do you think of Amanda?
I'm not sure. I heard about this story even before coming to Italy. She looks like a nice girl. She doesn't look like a liar.
Maria's mother: She's such a nice, young lady. I don't think she could ever kill someone. In cases like this one, all the responsibility goes to the parents, anyway. It means that we did something wrong at some point.

What do you mean?
To think that my daughter could be in the same position... my God, that's horrible! I would feel entirely responsible for that! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I feel close to her family.

Yes, me too.

Felicita - Italy

VICE: Hi. So you've really no doubts about Amanda?
I'm totally convinced she's innocent and I want to show that. Too many people accuse her without knowing the facts! That's always been the case with Amanda.

How come?
I think many of them are jealous. The fact that she's so beautiful didn't help her at all. It's all envy.

What do you like in her?
Well, as I said, I think she's beautiful, and I also think there's something mysterious and fascinating in her, and that's also why some people might think she's evil. But that's not enough to charge someone with murder, right?


Giorgio and Miriam - Italy

VICE: Hey, are you're here for Amanda?
Not really. We were just walking around, it's a beautiful day. We saw the cameras and we wanted to take a look.

What do you think of Amanda?
I think she's actually guilty.

Well, I don't get fooled by the whole “nice girl look” thing. I think it's quite the opposite. In most cases people who look like angels are the really evil – just like Amanda.

Wise words.

Rodrigue and Animata - Congo

VICE: Hi, have you been following the trial? What do you think of Amanda?
I think she's innocent. She's a student, just like us, who came here to Italy to meet people and see new places. Such a terrible situation. Spending three years in jail for something you didn't do.
Aminata: Yeah, she's not guilty. I don't think that drugs can make people do that kind of stuff, otherwise that'd mean that half of us would be criminals and murderers.

So you're basically saying that you guys do drugs as well?
No. We don't. We don't like that stuff.

How about some kinky sexual stuff with her?
Well, she's quite hot actually. I wouldn't mind. I'd be into it, but only if I was the one holding the knife.


This weird guy

VICE: Hi, who do you love more, The Pope or Amanda Knox? 
This weird guy:

Alright, laterz then.

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