The Punks in Olympia Haven't Aged One Day


This story is over 5 years old.


The Punks in Olympia Haven't Aged One Day

Ben Trogdon's photographs of the music scene in Olympia could very well have been taken twenty years ago.

Ben Trogdon is from Olympia, Washington and has been my penpal and favourite photographer for a couple of years. I like his photos because he's one of the few people whose work I discovered on the internet that isn't all "go and stand over there where the light is just perfect". Also, he doesn't take pictures of jars, or plants, or fruit, or any of that shit. What Ben does – and what he does fucking well – is document the punk scene in Olympia. Which, if I'm honest, doesn't seem massively different to how it was when Kurt Cobain was strolling around, shooting junk, dyeing his hair with Kool-Aid and writing Nevermind.


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