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The Best Thing That We Heard on Soundcloud This Week…

MC Pinty – “This Just Life, is alright” (Prod. DJ JD Sports [King Krule])

One dank instrumental and a flow that could only come from the city that birthed the word “nang”.

af Ryan Bassil
14 marts 2014, 6:02pm

The internet isn’t a competition that can be “won” or a shop that can be “shut down”, it’s just really big. Approximately 3425 songs are uploaded to Soundcloud each day and starting now, we’re going to sort through them and present you with our favourites. This week:

In the wake of grime, UK hip hop, perhaps unfairly, became the butt of a joke. A genre for the provincial kids that were too rural for grime and too British for rap, it sounded good with a bong but failed to capture the spirit of any true scene. Roll around to 2014 and a bunch of UK-based artists are laying a new foundation; the sound of a disparate youth suffocated in concrete.

Having appeared on a bunch of lowkey Soundcloud releases from the likes of Rago Foot and Edgar the Beatmaker, MC Pinty has been on our radar for about a minute. We found his track “This Just Life, is alright” while marinating in the Soundcloud goldmine of the UK’s best-named production outfit, DJ JD Sports. Simultaneously nit-picking elements from iconic British music scenes but managing to sound like none of them at all, Pinty carves a unique sound. Now prepping his debut EP, “This Just Life, is alright” is an ideal introduction; one dank instrumental and a flow that could only come from the city that birthed the word “nang”.

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