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Premiere: Virgin Suicide - "Virgin Suicide"

The Copenhagen bred lads are back with a finger-bangingly sweet teenage lullaby.

Today, Danish band Virgin Suicide are premiering the first single, self-titled "Virgin Suicide", off their upcoming debut album Virgin Suicide out May 18th. We've been looking forward to this release ever since their 2012 hit single “Killing Everyone You Know”, and with The Raveonettes frontman Sune Rose Wagner co-producing the whole thing it definitely seems promising. The Copenhagen bred boys have been working their asses off writing the album from LA to DK and this first video is the prime example of all that hard work. Sporting matching normcore haircuts and turtlenecks, the band sings us the sweet sweet finger banging lullaby of teenaged playground love. The sunshine and palm trees are a perfect backdrop for the upbeat tune which has roots in 60's rock with a touch of that slick Brit attitude of 80's Brit jangle pop. While we can’t in good conscience recommend anyone to go out and dry hump each other at a children’s playground we can at least completely respect the pure lust that would drive you to do such a thing. If this track got your lower body tingling be sure to check out the dudes on March 13 at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen.

Oh yeah, and just in case you don't like music videos at all we made sure you can stream the track too: