It's a WTF Is Going on Here Then Video for "Anybody Can Play the Drums" by Harvey Eyeballs

The title of this song is a lie—not everyone can play drums—but it is a fact that this video is rad.

af Kim Taylor Bennett
18 juni 2015, 2:47pm

OK, I hate to piss on your parade Harvey Eyeballs, but you know you're lying when you say anyone can play drums. It's nigh on impossible to find someone you don't want to strangle who can smack out an inventive beat and this has always been the case— even back when cavemen were forming bands in the outback and banging on stretched animal skins.

Harvey Eyeballs say: "Drumming is something anybody can do. That's why we made the song. Here for you, our modest demonstration of this fact."

I like their can-do attitude, but I don't believe them. Some people just DON'T HAVE RHYTHM! But anyway, now that we've got that out of the way, we urge you to enjoy Harvey Eyeball's deliciously absurd video for "Anybody Can Play the Drums." It's a video that raises so many questions, like why are everyone's faces so damn slimy? Were they all newly birthed? Is messy lipstick the new lewk? Where can I get that shade of purple for my nails? Is this an avant-indie-aerobics cult more than a musical ensemble? Why don't boys wink at girls more? It's very cute. As for the music itself—it's an exhuberant, organ-stoked, wonkily wonderful kind of indie-pop.

Headed up by Fox Schwach (is that for real, because if so, someone give his parents a gold star) the NYC-based band will release their new album Whole 'Nuther Record on 8.11. Happy Thursday!

Kim Taylor Bennett would like one of those sweatshirts. She's on Twitter.

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