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Conner Youngblood Is Going to Fly Away with Your Heart with His New Song "The Birds of Finland"

Get familiar with the Nashville via Dallas singer-songwriter who's about to take over the fall.

Photo courtesy of Conner Youngblood

"The Birds of Finland" hits you like a crisp autumn breeze. It flutters through your head like the words from a letter that you've read over and over and again, that you can picture sitting on your desk at home as you walk through the woods. If there's a better song to ease you into this fall, I haven't heard it. Conner Youngblood captures that odd feeling of nostalgia and regret and sadness that comes as the leaves start to change and the birds start to fly south. Over and over, he intones the phrase "all the time you've wasted" and warbles through a sheen of Auto-Tune. "I know I've got my stubborn ways," he notes at one point, writing his own version of that aforementioned letter. If you're the type of person who's let Bon Iver coax you through an emotional fall (and who among us isn't?), you will find everything to love here. "The Birds of Finland" is music for long, pensive walks par excellence. It is serene and beautiful (which is how music inspired by Scandinavia should be, probably).


"I was actually reading an article about a Finnish skater named Arto Sarri when I decided to write the song," Youngblood said of the song's inspiration over email. "I’ve kinda been on a Scandinavia kick recently, and while I’ve never been to Finland, just the idea of it puts me in a tranquil mood. People need to pay more attention to birds."

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Youngblood is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and artist (his artwork is his own illustrations) from Dallas who now lives in Nashville. Over the last few years he's built up a catalog of intimate bedroom recordings, and now he's preparing to release his sophomore EP, The Generation of Lift, on October 9. He recently released the similarly Scandinavian song "Stockholm," and "The Birds of Finland," premiering below, is his second new song of the year. Let it win you over. It's cheaper than a trip to Finland, after all, and just as pretty:

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