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Everything About Le1f's New Video "Koi" Is Incredibly Awesome

The song is produced by SOPHIE, and it's off his upcoming debut album 'Riot Boi,' due this fall.

af Kyle Kramer
28 august 2015, 1:55pm

"Watch me shake that ass like a calabash" Le1f raps on "Koi." OK. Will do. Because, dang, is there any situation in which any of us are going to walk away with any impression other than that Le1f is the coolest person in the room? Definitely not. Certainly not on "Koi," which is produced by UK electronic phenom SOPHIE (of PC Music) and has the kind of insane, all-over-the-place beat that would swallow most artists alive. It is way too fun. But Le1f not only takes it in stride, he takes it a step further, stomping all over thirsty dudes at the bar—"you wanna dance but you ain't got no rhythm," "if you ain't got no swag then this conversation's over," etc.—while also starring in one of the most batshit dance videos of the year.

See, the hook of the song is "you should watch what you're saying / because your mouth is crazy / got me acting shady / and feeling real coy," so the video is sort of set in a fishbowl, with koi fish, except it's also on a tropical beach and in the jungle, and long story short, if you've ever been like "I wish more videos had a rapper dancing on the beach in psychedelic lime green while equally psychedelic fish and bubbles circulate overhead" (a specific daydream, I know), you will love this.

Holy shit. Every look is pure lime green flames. Look at this one, which says either "I'm about to shred at paintball in this jungle" or "this is about to be the best rave ever" depending on where you are at the moment:

And let's not discount the printed robe/shorts combo with the Chanel chain as seen above. Everything about this video is great, from the disembodied mouth to the disembodied googly eyes to the ridiculously fun song itself, which is on Le1f's upcoming debut Riot Boi, out this fall. All the world's a fish tank, and we may be but swimmers in it, but Le1f is the king of that little underwater castle prop that gives the tank character. Watch the video for "Koi" below:

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