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Deep Ass Questions

Should You Wear Blackface in Your Halloween Costume?: A Handy Flowchart

Please consult this before embarrassing yourself.

Much like cultural appropriation rears its ugly head every year at Coachella in the form of Native American headdresses. So too does Halloween bring an annual opportunity for people to publicly embarrass themselves in the most offensive way possible: blackface. Look, we get it. You’ve gotten so wrapped up in spirit of the holiday and the hunt for items to create that perfect costume that you’ve forgotten to stop and ask yourself if the whole thing might just be a little insensitive. So this year, when you pull out the dark makeup, trying to put together a flawless “Flawless” costume, or nail your Kanye look, first ask yourself: Could this possibly be deemed racist? Would this be considered extremely offensive to a whole race of people? Am I very likely to end up being publicly shamed on the internet?


To help you avoid public embarrassment and be a less shitty person in general, we’ve put together this handy flowchart. Consult it any time you feel the need to ask yourself: Should I wear blackface in my Halloween costume?