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X-Men Fans Think Beyonce Is Appropriating Nerd Culture

Let's be angry at real things.

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For those (myself included) who didn't know, Ciara celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend. To celebrate, the singer hosted a superhero-themed party featuring herself as Catwoman, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks as Batman, and some misnomer as Harley Quinn. But what had the internet in a frenzy was a picture of Beyonce dressed up as popular Marvel X-Men heroine, master of weather, Storm.


While generally received with thunderous applause, there were some who were offended by Mrs. Carter’s take on the character. Why? Because she was apparently “appropriating nerd culture.”

Before you say "he's overreacting" Think of all the nerds in high school who get beat up and made fun of for wanting to dress as heroes

— reggie (@1942bs) October 25, 2015

I can certainly understand what this user is saying to an extent. There is nothing more embarrassing and damaging to your adolescent career than being caught by your peers cosplaying as Jubilee when you were supposed to be at a basketball game that evening. Still, my fellow nerd compatriots must not strike down Queen Bee, but welcome her efforts to merge our nerdom with pop culture.

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Instead we should be angry at more important things, like why Storm has been finessed out of a sizeable role in all four X-Men films. And who is responsible for consistently making those dreadful made-for-TV costume designs since First Class? Hell, we should be angry at the original X-Men television series for having her shot down by a Sentinel in every episode. And we definitely should be angry at the hybrid-Captain America/Black Widow abomination in the corner of this photo. These are the real issues people! Let Beyonce thrive!

Jabbari thinks Hope Summers is better than Storm, though. Follow him on Twitter.