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Coldplay Alert!

COLDPLAY ALERT: Coldplay Will Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show!!!!!!!!

The world's greatest rock band is set to play the world's greatest sporting event. Move over, Left Shark.

Image by Dan Ozzi

Coldplay, the world's greatest rock band, is set to play the Super Bowl, the world's greatest sporting event, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Fuck yeah.

Coldplay was a rumored peformer last year but lost out to Katy Perry. The WSJ also reports that Coldplay will be joined by Bruno Mars and possibly Beyoncé, with whom they just released the song "Hymn for the Weekend." Coldplay's new album A Head Full of Stars comes out tomorrow, when it will change both music and football history. Move over, Left Shark.

Will their halftime performance have an effect on the game Clocks? Will every teardrop of the losing team's fans be a waterfall? Will the football men throw the ball at the speed of sound? We'll all find out February 7.

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