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Noisey Has Been Nominated for Two Webby Awards and We Would Love Your Vote Because We Love You

We're blessed with two nominations and one honorable mention.

Gucci Mane in Noisey Atlanta. VOTE HERE

Here at Noisey, we just want to make the world a more musical place. And we're thankful to know that the Webby Awards—who honor "excellence on the internet"—think that we're also doing a good job, too. Seriously, everyone, thank you for reading and watching. We've been blessed with two Webby Award nominations, and one Webby Award honorable mention. We can't even tell you in emoji how excited we are.


The Webby Awards have nominated Noisey Atlanta—our ten-part series examining the complicated rap scene in Atlanta—for Online Film & Video: Music. And they've also given us an overall recognition for our digital media work. But we need your help, and this is where democracy comes in. You, the good people of the internet, can vote for Noisey at the Webby Awards website. Click on these two very convenient links to do so:



On top of getting these two nods, the Webby Awards have also given us an honorable mention for our episode of Guitar Moves with Keith Richards. We're blushing. Watch both NOISEY ATLANTA and GUITAR MOVES below, and get out and vote!

Watch Noisey Atlanta:

Watch Guitar Moves with Keith Richards:

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