Holy Shit

Katie Got Bandz, Jeremih, and Chi Hoover's New Song "Make Me Rich" Is Weird as Hell and Awesome

It sounds like... Rae Sremmurd? Someone doing magic tricks with strippers?

af Kyle Kramer
30 september 2015, 6:21pm

Chicago's beloved First Lady Hitta Katie Got Bandz has always had a secret touch for making songs that are both maddeningly simple and just a little bit, unidentifiably, different. Her raspy raps land with both blunt force and a soft touch, and she's always exciting to hear on a track. But this right here is completely different, even if the "Kaaaaatie" shout is familiar. Jeremih and fellow guest Chi Hoover creep all over the beat in their best Rae Sremmurdian melodic stutter-step, and then Katie swoops in with a sing-song whisper to say "I'm just taking hundreds keep your tip." She drops a verse and then is back out to let Jeremih and Chi Hoover flit around the beat. It sounds kind of like the audio equivalent of someone doing a magic trick? And there are strippers there? Or something? Whatever it is, it's sweet, and if it's any indication of what Katie's upcoming Drillary Clinton 3 is going to be like, 2016 could be a banner year for the Chi-town candidate. Check it out below:

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