PREMIERE: Hand of Dust "Clearly" Play Enthralling, Dark Folk Rock

Post-folk, forever.

12 oktober 2015, 1:30pm

Photo courtesy of Hand of Dust

Hand of Dust is a band from Copenhagen, DK that plays folk rock with an emphasis on rock. Their new record Life Beneath a Veil shows folk music bordering on post-punk and heavier rock, giving each song the emotional resonance of folk but the punch of something harder. Their new song "Clearly" represents one of the most poignant moments of the record, where the band is able to really use moments of space and quiet to make a huge moment on the record. The vocals coast over the reverberations of the bass, creating huge and subtle moments all at the same time. Guitars twinkle in the distance, fading out of view in moments of only vocals and drums coming together. Emotion drips through every aspect of the song, taking it to new heights of feeling.

Listen to the track below, and pick up Like Beneath a Veil right here.