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Watch Henry Rollins Critique and Destroy Dr. Suess' 'Oh The Places You'll Go'

"Am I a pain in the ass? I'm complaining by the first page."

Nowadays, you can expect any form of media to be dismantled through critique if there's something problematic flowing through. It can be a jarring experience to watch media from even ten years ago and see what jokes and comments flew by without any complaint. But certain people aren't about to let older media fly, like Henry Rollins. Funny Or Die got the punk-rock legend to sit down with Dr. Seuss' classic children's book, Oh The Places You'll Go. In the video, Rollins reads the book and adds some pretty hilarious commentary in between each page, pointing out male overreach, insensitivity to people with disabilities, and wealth disparity.


Henry Rollins Reads Dr. Seuss from Funny Or Die