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Here's What David Cameron's G8 Playlist Should Have Been

Cameron's musical gift to the world's leaders was more middle of the road than Lindsay Lohan after a heavy morning's drinking

Barack tells his bros where he shoved Cameron's USB stick

Yesterday it was revealed that David Cameron gave the other G8 leaders a USB stick of 10 tracks which he thought represented the best of British music. Unsurprisingly, it was a dull, lethargic list of pop-folk pash that, to be fair, is fairly representative of how sanitised the British music industry has become in recent years. No doubt the fact that nothing actually got sorted at that meeting of the G8 had something to do with the world's leaders being cowed into stasis by the beige mouth farts of Ben Howard and Tom Odell (oh shit, his daddy's probably going to phone us up now).


(As an aside, the fact that Cameron's list was so similar to the Mecury Prize nominations, surely proves how establishment and unnecessary that award ceremony has become. Started as an alternative to the mainstream, it's now more middle of the road than Lindsay Lohan after a heavy morning's drinking.)

Anyway, we thought we'd put together our own list of brilliant new British music that would have gone down a storm at the G8 conference. These 10 songs prove what rude health British music is in. If only Putin had them on his iPod.

Sampha - "Without"

Lapalux - “Without You”

Syron - "Here"

Syron has been guest vocalist for Tensnake and Rudimental (who we see you're a fan of Dave), but shines brightest on her solo stuff. "Here" is a track that should have charted highly but, because we live in a country full of morons that keep buying shit Rita Ora songs seemingly unable to comprehend that someone can be both fit and terrible at music, didn't. Soaring vocals and production that's a healthy blend of garage and bass, this, not schoolboy fucktards like Conor Maynard, is what great pop music should sound like.