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Don't Be Alarmed, But Smash Mouth Are Back... With an EDM Song

2016, amiright guys?

af Emma Garland
27 juli 2016, 9:53am

You all remember Smash Mouth, right? The American rock band who did those two songs from Shrek that were distressingly inescapable for the entirety of 2001? Likely the only band that has ever encouraged your mum to rap? You know, the one with the lead singer who was once trolled by Twitter into eating a shit ton of really hot eggs and also flipped out on stage in Fort Collins, threatening to beat up audience members for throwing bread at him while the rest of the band just pretended it wasn't happening and played the opening chords of "All Star" the whole time? Yeah, them. Well, I don't mean to alarm you, but they've just released an EDM song.

In collaboration with a producer named Specter, who returns zero Google search results beyond "Did you mean Phil Spector", Smash Mouth's new song is called "Love Is A Soldier" and includes the lyrics "Sex is a gun, you're ammunition". It reminds me a bit of when Nickelback released "This Afternoon" in 2010 - approximately 6 years too late for a video involving a house party in which three minging blokes get to judge 100 beautiful women in bikinis with actual score cards. It's also a bit like the time The Offspring did "Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Trunk)", but not as good, because that song is so bad and so wildly out of character it circles all the way back around again to being a masterpiece.

I would be shocked - horrified, even - that Smash Mouth would opt to take a turn in the general direction of the club this late in their career, but it's 2016 and nothing surprises me anymore. We are all numb - completely numb to people's bad ideas and the resulting banter about how bad the ideas are. Anyway, here is "Love Is A Soldier", in lyric video format (obviously), to gaze upon with your naked eyes:

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