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Tyler, the Creator Puts Hitler's Mustache on Donald Trump for New T-Shirt

"We Fucked Up"

Photo via Twitter

Tyler, The Creator has never been afraid to speak out on bullshit. Previously for his clothing line GOLF, Tyler did a rework of a neo-nazi logo that incorporates LGBT colors. Now he's putting out a shirt that compares presidential candidate and huge asshole Donald Trump to dictator and even bigger dickshit asshole Adolf Hitler. Trump is seen with the trademark Hitler mustache with "President of The United States" written above and "We Fucked Up" below. The shirt speaks for itself and sadly, it might be foreshadowing a very real reality.

It's worth noting that musicians have started to speak out more and more against Trump lately, as YG and Nipsey Hussle recently debuted a track called "Fuck Donald Trump." New York's primary is tomorrow. Get out and vote!

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