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White Fang Premieres Appropriately Druggy Video for "Drugs I've Taken"

Somebody gets their face eaten.

Hey friend, did you have a good weekend? Did you do a lot of drugs? Nice, us too. You know who else probably did drugs? This cool band White Fang out of Oregon. If you're not familiar with the four-piece, they're signed to Burger Records and make guitar rock that doesn't suck. Below, we're premiering their new video for "Drugs I've Taken," which is a video about drugs that are taken. These stoner bros are shameless with their love of getting high, as their Bandcamp page is located at (nice).


We don't really know what else to say about this video. It's weird, and someone gets their face eaten. Can you want anything else? Just stop reading and watch:

White Fang on Tour:
Wednesday 5/4/2016 Groningen, NL Vera
Thursday 5/5/2016 Hamburg, DE Molotow
Friday 5/6/2016 Malmo, SW Plan B
Saturday 5/7/2016 Malmo, SW Plan B
Monday 5/9/2016 Copenhagen, DN Stengade
Tuesday 5/10/2016 Berlin, DE Urban Spree
Wednesday 5/11/2016 Halle, DE
Thursday 5/12/2016 Prague, CZ Klub 007
Friday 5/13/2016 Vienna, AU Arena Wien
Saturday 5/14/2016 Graz, AU Postgarage
Sunday 5/15/2016 Kreuzlingen, CH Horstklub
Monday 5/16/2016 Zurich, CH Bar3000
Tuesday 5/17/2016 Lugano, CH Cassotto
Thursday 5/19/2016 Bologna, IT Mikaa
Friday 5/20/2016 Ravenna, IT Moog
Saturday 5/21/2016 Fidenza, IT Arci Taun
Sunday 5/22/2016 St Etienne, FR Thunderbird
Monday 5/23/2016 San Sebastian, ESP Daba Daba
Tuesday 5/24/2016 Vigo, ESP La Iguana Club
Wednesday 5/25/2016 Porto, PT Cave 45
Thursday 5/26/2016 Lisbon, PT Sabotage Club
Friday 5/27/2016 Madrid, ESP Getmad Fest
Saturday 5/28/2016 Toulouse, FR Discipline Fest
Sunday 5/29/2016 Bordeaux, FR Block
Monday 5/30/2016 Rennes, FR Le Bar'Hic
Tuesday 5/31/2016 Lille, FR
Wednesday 6/1/2016 Hastings, UK
Thursday 6/2/2016 London, UK
Friday 6/3/2016 London, UK
Saturday 6/4/2016 London, UK
Sunday 6/5/2016 Brighton, UK
Monday 6/6/2016 Antwerp, BE
Tuesday 6/7/2016 Brussels, BE
Wednesday 6/8/2016 Ghent, BE DOK
Thursday 6/9/2016 Rotterdam, NL Club Vibes
Friday 6/10/2016 Paris, FR
Saturday 6/11/2016 Paris, FR