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Holy Shit

Vic Mensa and Skrillex Just Collaborated on the Track "No Chill"

It's not even an official recording, but it's going to be in your head forever.

Photo by Ryan Muir

Vic Mensa is a step away from being absolutely huge. Each collaboration is basically further progress into the ears of everyone on earth. Last night at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, Vic Mensa threw down the new track "No Chill" featuring production with Skrillex. Even though it's a live video, the chorus of "no chill, no chill, no chill" isn't going to leave your head anytime. The song is about everything happening with Vic's life at this point: hanging with Ye, not needing practice, pretty much every dope fucking thing he's doing. There are even some nice punchlines like "I be chopping shit like the Karate Kid, not Will and Jada's son."

Check out the video below, and read our interviews with Skrillhouse right here.

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