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HEALTH Have a New Song Which You Can Only Access if You Donate to REIFY'S Kickstarter

If none of this makes sense, don't worry, we'll explain.

So here's a weird thing: HEALTH have a new record coming out—their third, Death Magic, will be released via Loma Vista on 8.7—but you can listen to a track off said record, "Dark Enough," now. The catch is you can only access it if you contribute to this Kickstarter campaign for Reify. What? OK, let's dig a little deeper.

A smartypants crew of designers and engineers (some of whom are residents of NEW INC at the New Museum of Contemporary Art), have created REIFY, "a physical music platform that combines the best of both physical and digital music technology, and creates a new way to experience music."


The brainiacs continue: "We make totems that visually represent an artist's song, and encode them with music and interactive visual experiences that you can play on your mobile phone or tablet. The mobile app used to play totems is called Stylus."

Right. You can get a better sense of this by watching the video above, plus you can hear a tinny snippet of "Dark Enough." It actually looks pretty rad. Like very virtual reality, very Lawnmower Man, and if you were on 'shrooms this shit would FOR SURE trip you out in a very positive way.

Do you want in? Do you want HEALTH's single plus a signed health "totem." Well then you're looking at dropping $75. So far REIFY have accrued nearly $10k in donations in just a couple of days—see for yourself—with YACHT and other artists also showing their support.

HEALTH’s Jacob Duzsi had this to say about the whole thing: "Even though there are countless other applications of a technology like this, what was exciting to us was the idea of reconnecting to music in a physical way. Rather than music simply existing as a lifestyle accessory, REIFY reminded us of the magical interactive quality of watching a vinyl LP spin while the sound is generated."

It's like a limited edition art object that unlocks an augmented reality created by HEALTH. Nerds shall inherit the earth.