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Stay Good With a New Track by Dream-Pop Duo OOFJ

This dream-pop duo make the apocalypse sound sexy.

The two lovebirds behind OOFJ have been making beautifully minimal music together since Jenno Bjørnkjær finished work on the soundtrack to Lars von Trier's apocalyptic film Melancholia, the second entry in the controversial auteur's so-called "Depression Trilogy." A chance encounter brought Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer together, and the resulting collaboration saw them release a debut album, Disco to Die To, in 2013. Their cold, wistful dream pop tunes and pulsating rhythms have also appeared in various independent films and in the soundtrack to the award-winning documentary Ai Wei Wei -The Fake Case. On their latest release, OOFJ sink even deeper into orchestral bliss.


Listen to their new single, "You're Always Good," below. It's a darkly romantic paean from a cinematic band who has provided yet another perfect soundtrack - this time, to the end of the world.

The band commented, “We had already locked down the album and thought we were done and then suddenly, during our stay in Copenhagen with severe jetlag, we were making this fast tempoed-mermaid landscape and being dead in the eyes from lack of sleep. In a geeky way its exciting for us. The track is in the key of A minor major which gives the mysterious sound and also let’s it shift from minor to major all the time which confuses your emotions which is something we dig."