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Nick Young Is on the "Best Album of 2016," and It's Iggy Azalea's

The unreasonably loyal fiancee Swaggy P has high expectations.

Photo via Instagram

Nick Young is many things to many people: He's a professional basketball player for the LA Lakers, the face of Adidas footwear, and the man behind the meme that's become most people's go-to for a confused feeling. In a recent interview with Billboard, Young was asked about wedding planning and how he reacted to hearing his name shouted out in Kanye's "Facts." He was also asked if he heard any of Iggy Azalea's sophomore album Digital Distortion, to which he replied:

Aw man, it’s gonna be the best album of 2016. I got my Swaggy P feature on it so that’s why it’s gon’ blow up. [Laughs] I see how hard she be in the studio and I heard a couple songs. Couple surprises and a lot of features on there. It’ll be dope.

Who knows what kind of surprises Azalea could have up her sleeves, but the fact that there are a lot of features sounds like it's possible that we won't have to hear too much Iggy Azalea on the Iggy Azalea album.