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Submerge Yourself In The Awkwardness Of This Car Crash Father John Misty Interview

Let's face it, the best interviews are always the ones that sound like everyone involved is withering up and dying inside.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

There’s a strangely perverse pleasure in watching an interview go south. Have you ever been more enthralled with Avril Lavigne, for instance, than when she threw Alex Zane some serious side-eye for asking her whether Venice smelled like eggs? Or is there any David Blaine memory less boring than the time he appeared on breakfast TV with Eamonn Holmes and refused to speak for the duration of the interview? Or is there any singular moment more unbearably excruciating as the time a reporter mistook Samuel L Jackson for Laurence Fishbourne? Everyone knows that terrible interviews are infinitely more interesting than average ones, and as of last week, one more shitshow got lobbed into this endlessly brilliant pile.


In a BBC Radio 6 interview on the Radcliffe and Maconie show, Father John Misty went from typically sardonic to actually kind of pissed off with the strange confusion of the interview. What started as a funny but vaguely barbed rapport quickly turned into an unbearably tense back-and-forth, with Maconie accusing Misty of calling his questions “reductive” and Misty claiming the host was “flustered”. A few days later on Twitter, when the smoke from the fire had died down, Misty dropped a shady subtweet with the words “I miss you Lauren Laverne”. Touche…

Listen to the whole thing below, and try not to wither up and die inside: