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Stephen Colbert Paid Tribute to His Rolling Stones Cover Band on 'The Howard Stern Show'

Insert your awful "moves like Jagger" joke here.

Stephen Colbert. Is there anything he can’t do? The answer, of course, is no. He can do everything. And in this weird interim between his retirement from The Colbert Report and his forthcoming hosting duties at The Late Show, we are being reminded of what a goddamn genius mind Colbert has up there beneath that perfectly Just for Menned head of hair. Like his ad lib skills while interviewing up and coming rappers like Marshall Mathers (sp?). Also, for a truly amazing look into his innerworkings, read this GQ cover story on the man and be laughspired. And lest we all forget that Colbert is also a musical entertainer, he stopped by The Howard Stern Show this morning to reminisce about his old Rolling Stones cover band, A Shot in the Dark a.k.a. A Shit in the Dark. Here he is having the moves like Jagger (lol get it? Because of that awful song?) to “Brown Sugar.” All hail this national treasure.